Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ephesians 2:14-22

Thursday April 20, 2006


Verse 17 uses the word "peace" which is a gift from the Lord. The division or gulf between the Jews and the Gentiles was abolished because He was the peace.

Verse 18 The word "access" is like being presented to a king in a throne room. What things do we have access to with Jesus? Love, peace, power, blessings...

Verse 19 He abolished the law because he fulfilled the Law. He is the chief cornerstone. This phrase corner stone appears several times throughout the Bible.

Verse 21 The building God which is being built by God continues to be constructed. "Holy Temple" refers to inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies.

Verse 22 "Built together"

Verse 20 Refers to the "prophets;" this means the early believers in Christ. But this could also mean the Old Testament prophets, which would bind the Gentiles with the Jewish prophets.

If we hate one of the brothers or sisters in Christ; they are a part of Him and we are hating Him. A Chinese brother once shared this: Before the Cultural Revolution in China, there were many different churches and denominations. After the Revolution, there was just one.

In our time of sharing and prayer we heard of burdens for some of the local college students and university campuses. We also prayed for one another and we learned a lesson on how to reach out to others: Listen, Love and Pray.


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