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The 42 Stations of the Children of Israel

Ra'amses Ex. 12:37; Nu. 33:3,5 the Rameses district was of the highest quality land in Egypt (Ge. 47:11) pi-Rameses: i.e. Tell el-Dab'a or nearby

Sukkoth (Booths-shelter) Ex. 12:37, 13:20; Nu. 33:5-6 An Egyptian city near the border Tel Dar'ala

Etham (Fortress; also " with them: their plowshare") Ex. 13:20; Nu. 33:6-8 "on the edge of the wilderness" Ismailia?

Pi-Hahiroth ("place where sedge grows") Ex. 14:2-3; Nu. 33:7-8 lit. Mouth of the Gorges, "between Migdol and the sea, opposite Ba'al-Zephon" (possibly "the Bay of Hiroth") ?

Crossing the Red Sea (not a station or a stop)

Marah Ex. 15:23; Nu. 33:8-9 lit. ('bitterness') 30 kilometres north of As Suways (the Port of Suez)?

Eilim (Palms) Ex. 15:27, 16:1; Nu. 33:9-10 Had 12 wells and 70 palm trees ?

The Red Sea Nu. 33:10-11 - - near Gulf of Suez or Gulf of Aqaba

Sin Wilderness ("thorn" or "clay") Ex. 16:1, 17:1; Nu. 33:11-12 God supplies quail and manna, "Between Elim and Sinai" ?

Dophkah (knocking) Nu. 33:12-13

Alush ("I will knead (bread)") Nu. 33:13-14


("rests" or "stays" or "resting places" ) Ex. 17:1, 19:2; Nu. 33:14-15 ?

Sinai ("thorny") Wilderness Ex. 19:1-2; Nu. 10:12, 33:15-16?

Sinai [EBD]

of Sin (the moon god), called also Horeb, the name of the mountain district which was reached by the Hebrews in the third month after the Exodus. Here they remained encamped for about a whole year. Their journey from the Red Sea to this encampment, including all the windings of the route, was about 150 miles. The last twenty-two chapters of Exodus, together with the whole of Leviticus and Num. ch. 1-11, contain a record of all the transactions which occurred while they were here. From Rephidim ( Ex. 17:8-13) the Israelites journeyed forward through the Wady Solaf and Wady esh-Sheikh into the plain of er-Rahah, "the desert of Sinai," about 2 miles long and half a mile broad, and encamped there "before the mountain."

Kibroth-Hattaavah Nu. 11:35, 33:16-17 lit. Graves of Longing or ("graves of lust")- -


(settlement ) Nu. 11:35, 12:16, 33:17-18

Rithmah ( Heath) also Nu. 33:18-19


("pomegranate of the breach") Nu. 33:19-20


("pavement"or "compact foundation") Nu. 33:20-21

Rissah ("a ruin (as dripping to pieces)") Nu. 33:21-22


("assembly") Nu. 33:22-23

Mount Shapher

("beauty") Nu. 33:23-24

Haradah Nu. 33:24-25 Means fright or fearful.

Makheloth Nu. 33:25-26 place of assembly

Tahath Nu. 33:26-27 station

Tarah Nu. 33:27-28 delay

Mithcah Nu. 33:28-29 sweetness

Hashmonah Nu. 33:29-30 fatness

Moseroth Nu. 33:30-31 bonds; a place near Mount Hor where Aaron died

Bene-Jaakan Nu. 33:31-32 sons of twisting

Hor Haggidgad Nu. 33:32-33 cavern of Gidgad (thunder?)

Jotbathah Nu. 33:33-34 pleasantness

Abronah Nu. 33:34-35 passage

Ezion-Geber Nu. 33:35-36 backbone of a man. Near northern tip of Gulf of Aqaba

Kadesh Nu. 20:1,22, 33:36-37 Located in the Wilderness of Zin; Miriam's burial place probably Ain el Qadeis

Mount Hor Nu. 20:22, 21:4, 33:37-41 On the Edomite border; Aaron's burial place - -

Zalmonah Nu. 33:41-42 - - - - Punon Nu. 33:42-43 - - - -

Oboth Nu. 21:10-11, 33:43-44 - - - -

Abarim Ruins Nu. 21:11, 33:44-45 - - - -

Dibon Gad Nu. 33:45-46 - - - -

Almon Diblathaim Nu. 33:46-47 - - - -

Abarim Mountains Nu. 33:13-14 Israelites encamped beneath Mount Nebo - -

Moab Plains Nu. 22:1, 33:48-50 Israelites encamped on the Jordan River from Beith Hayishimoth to Aveil Hashittim Occupied most of the Trans-Jordan region


It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to fly from Cairo, Egypt to Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv, Israel.

Map of 40 year journey


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Ancient Egyptian text and the Red Sea (Yam Suf) crossing by Israel!
In this text two Egyptian “gods” do battle at the bottom of the sea! And the god Horus who represents Egypt, loses the battle while Seth, who represents the foreigners, escapes. But what of more interest is that it takes place right in front of the four place names of Exodus 14:2, which the Bible gives for the location of the Red Sea crossing by Moses! See website =


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